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This is a normal post that has been assigned to category 4!

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  1. Cool Quotes says:

    Nice blog, design is perfect!!! i like it.

  2. scott says:

    Hi. I know it must be frustrating all the questions. I have been working on a solution. I want to know, how do I assign a post to a category? so I can have posts relevent to the categories that I create in the header, can write posts and have them fall into place? that would be awesome!

    secondly, I really want to remove the primary sidebar, the one on the left, and make the main colum bigger.

    I hope you can find a few minutes to reply, I been all around the forums. I hope I havnt missed this information.

    much respect, Scott

  3. admin says:

    this is in forums

  4. scott says:

    I see… I fell pretty dumb about that. can you please direct me to it?

    I have the category thing understood, so I made new categories but since sliders existed and were placed for pages, now I have to go back somehow and enter them for categories. I am seeking how.

    and If you can explain where to find how to customize the colums and remove the left sidebar… I will buy you a bag of coffee and rave about the theme in my beautiful blog when its done!


    sorry, Im rather a noob

  5. scott says:

    the “page links to” plugin- oh I got it. seems thats what is confusing ppl. you have to get that plug in to be able to point those pages to categories. I got it now. beautiful…

    now I am on to that and Ill be back to figure out how to modify the main column and then custom logo in the header.
    then maybe after that some rounded corners.


  6. scott says:

    “2. Use the ‘page links to’ plugin to point this page to the category you want.”

    does this mean the url in my browser? this is a misleading or incomplete description. Do you have to make new posts and point them to that category?
    I think it is confusing yet again because there seems to be a dead end here. the page links to widget calls for you to post in an URL. thats starkly different than a category- or, could you please explain??


  7. admin says:

    This is explained in the support forums – check it out!

  8. Scott says:

    I love this theme and I was going to use it but I did not have time to change it yet.

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