Welcome to my wordpress theme homepage.

The latest version is usually available from the official wordpress siteΒ here.

If you need help with the theme, there is a support webpage here, with a FAQ, and extensive forum.

The original photoshop file to make your own sliding images is here.

Older versions of the theme can be found here.



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  1. Ed Herrmann says:

    Wayne, absolutely no problem. Thanks for sharing your great theme and putting in the time to support it.

    I’m really surprised by the low number of donations. One suggestion from me would be to remove the $3.50 donation amount. I’m sure some people would be more than happy to shout you more than just 1 cup of coffee. :)


  2. Wayne Connor says:

    Actually I took up your idea Ed, and since I have I have received 2x $20 donations, (yours included) so a great tip. Thanks!
    Nice site too.

  3. Ed Herrmann says:

    No worries; definitely worth it and I hope many others start to pitch in so you can keep creating great themes.

  4. Nath says:

    Congratulations for your job and for this great theme! Donation made, only $5,00 but I hope I will be able to donate a little bit more in the future.

  5. helena says:

    I’m tinkering with this theme for my site – it fits part of what I want to do, and another theme fits another part better, so when I’ve worked it all out – and if I ever sell a single work, you’ll get your cup of coffee/commission. Promise. Can’t answer for the other 19,999,996 though. In the meantime, my heartiest thanks.

  6. Steve says:

    Well, here’s your third donation….just PayPal’d some coffee money to you, Wayne. Thanks for your hard work and all the time you spend with us users. My id on the Sliding Door Theme Page is Harleydoc, and I have kept you kind of busy.

    Seems to me users should send you something for all the time your hard work has saved them. anyway, thanx and a tip ‘o the hat! Cheers…

  7. HappyGuy says:

    It’s less than 4 days since I start ‘translating’ this ccs, wp thing… lot worse than Chiness to me BUT one thing is sure: your theme is what I love the most! I’ll SURELY stick around your forum for a while and I surely do am very THANKSFULL for all the Good Work that you did and do! God bless you!

  8. Jeremy Nunn says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Good to see a local guy doing great themes like this. I live in Merriwa about 3 hours east. I just sent you a donation as I think it is well deserved.

    Keep up the good work.


  9. Igor says:

    Wayne, just dropped US$10.00 (under isp2you nic) Hope it’ll pay for at least a day’s caffeine intake. Have not tried to upload it but what a heck. Looks good even if it doesn’t work… but i’m sure it will πŸ˜‰

    cheers mate

  10. ssuba says:

    Hello Wayne,

    I really admire your work and effort, and I was glad to donate for it.
    Thanks again

  11. GorgX says:

    Cool!!! Very cool! The animated cap is very beautiful!

  12. Can you do me a favor and validate your code? You’ve got 40 errors on this webpage…

  13. hugo says:

    Thanks for sharing. Nice template!
    It really open my eyes.=]

  14. jsonvega says:

    I really admire this theme, and im using it on one of my blogs. But I have a question, does this theme supports rss? coz i cant find one.

  15. Romeo says:

    I changed the “Reading Settings” to display the summary of each post. But it keeps displaying the full text of the posts. What do I need to do to change it?

  16. Wayne says:

    You need to put the tag in to show where the summary ends!

  17. Lola says:

    The link in there – it takes me to version 1.7.2, not 1.8, which doesn’t have the dynamically titling headers. Could you make version 1.8 available on here?


  18. Troy says:

    Hi. I am REALLY new to this. I started using your awesome theme after our class installed wordpress yesterday. I was showing someone what I was up to at the kids’ school (on fossilized IE6) and the images were upside down. THen the same thing happened on IE8 at my house. I usually use firefox or chrome, but thought I would let you know.



  19. Wayne says:

    This upside down problem is now fixed!

  20. marineceo says:

    Any chance you could make the sliding header a widget? I love this header but I have way too much time invested in my current theme on multiple sites to change.

  21. Tom Edwards says:

    Hey All!

    My daughter and I just put together a site using sliding doors… I think this could be one of the best applications of the theme…. check it out and put it in the greatest hits hall of fame!


    best regards,

  22. ea says:

    how do i change “Posted in Abstract 1 year, 2 months ago at 12:40 am. 21 comments” part to “Posted in *** on DATE at 12:40 am. # comments” on top page and this page?

  23. luc says:

    the header of this site is very cool
    can i hav it too πŸ˜€

  24. manozr says:

    hey wyane, nice theme. does the imagemenu works on other templates? if yes how? or in another platform, like orbs or blogger etcs

  25. Mike says:

    Hi Wayne,

    thank you for the Sliding Door WP them.
    Im using it on http://www.oldfungames.com
    i was wondering it if you could please feature it on this site: http://mac-host.com/slidingdoor/
    with a link back the http://www.oldfungames.com

    Thank you ,
    and take care!

  26. Hermien Vos says:

    hi Connor,
    I love your theme and I ‘d love to use it, the only concern I have is that this site hasn’t been updated for almost a year. My current theme had the same issue, and now I’m kind of stuck in an old wordpress release. Can you please tell me if you intend to release new updates for sliding doors. It would so be worth it! Thank you for responding! Hermien

  27. admin says:

    It’s just the theme I use at dubbo.org, made available for others if they want to use it.
    I’m not a theme developer.
    I only update it if theres a problem or something I want to change.
    Hope that helps.

  28. CV Template says:

    The theme was made for me.. looks Serious eye candy. very attractive!!

  29. Endyst says:

    Nice themes. πŸ˜‰

  30. doru says:

    I just updated the slidedoor theme and everything changed so badly!
    My personalized photos on slidedoors has dissapered also the themes in slide door are changed.
    I am so sorry for this update!!!
    Is anything cand be done to go back to were It was before the update?

  31. Toby says:

    Hi Wayne,

    I LOVE the sliding doors theme.
    I read your answer from january and went to check out dubbo.org. I saw that your pictures just link to a blank new page.
    Before I changed my theme to sliding doors, I was using a Picasa Expres 2 plugin so I could upload and store all my pics on picasa (more space) and show them on my website where they would open with a Lightbox-Effect (looked great, still working on our band-page http://www.thediceyreillys.com/category/bilder/ ).
    Now that the Lightbox-Effect doesn’t seem to be working with sliding doors theme (or is there a way that it does???) I use a Thickbox-Effect which works, but now my doors won’t slide anymore.
    I’m guessing it has something to do with the js but that’s just guessing.

    I know you’re not a theme-developer that just updates by request, but have you thought about using some kind of effect for your pictures (….that you might be working on)?

    Cheers mate and regards from Germany

  32. zip says:

    100% compatible Wp3 ??
    All the functions ???

  33. admin says:

    If you want to revert back to an old version, you cna get them from here: https://public.me.com/wayneiphone

  34. admin says:

    If you want to revert back to an old version, you can get them from here: https://public.me.com/wayneiphone

  35. enrique says:

    How can I change the images?
    Thanks for your help

  36. admin says:

    Check out the support site, there is an FAQ and it answers this.

  37. Randy says:

    I love this theme and wonder how I can ad a shopping cart?
    Thank you,

  38. idive says:

    Hey Wayne! I’m still enjoying your Sliding Door theme but I’m stuck in a couple of areas and could use your help. I have posted in the forum but have not gotten any reply from you or anyone else. Since this theme has been up for a while, I’m wondering if you have lost interest at this point. If so, no sweat, I understand. If this is the case, I would either pick a new theme, or wouldn’t mind donating some cash for some technical assistance. I’m close, but need to make some tweeks. Please let me know which way we should go with this. Thanks! Mike

  39. Ahmad says:

    To be honestly I’m really pretty happy to use this theme in my different blog, and come here to say thanks you buddy. you have done here well appreciated piece of work. keep it up.

  40. Suranee says:


    My hub ‘Hairstyles for Sarees has been copied by a site which has the same theme as yours. The url to the site is http://deepalibisht.com/?author=1

    The url to my hub is http://suranee1969.hubpages.com/hub/sareehairstyles

    I would be grateful if you could please let me know the email of the webmaster which has access to the url that copied my hub so that I may contact them and ask them to remove the copied content from the web.


  41. admin says:

    I have no control over who uses or downloads the theme sorry. It would have been downloaded directly from WordPress.

  42. admin says:


  43. This publish has been helpful to me. We’ve merely began out a self-hosted weblog site this also report produced it easier for a great deal. numerous thanks ! What Is Love

  44. Good to see a local guy doing great themes like this. I live in Merriwa about 3 hours east. I just sent you a donation as I think it is well deserved.

  45. admin says:

    Cool – thanks!!!!

  46. Very cool template, thanks for sharing!

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