WordPress Theme – Description

This is my first free wordpress theme. The sliding images above are links to different parts of your wordpress blog – you can link them to any post or a category.   Enjoy!

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21 Responses to WordPress Theme – Description

  1. skarld says:

    Thanks for submitting your theme to my site. The sliding images is a great effect I have not seen in any other themes. It gets my vote.

  2. sohbet says:

    first I congratulate for your site, I have enjoyed your site in a general look. I wish for continuance of your success

  3. sohbet says:


  4. madhu says:

    This theme is simply superb…. Keep going .. great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Matt says:

    Love the look of your theme! This is really top notch work.

  6. laullon says:

    You need add

    into footer.php

  7. laullon says:

    You need add


    into footer.php

  8. harpaz says:


    can you explain my why categorys starst from third picture?? i don’t understand.. and if I delete category ant create a new one.. its starts from fourth picture?? what a hell??:/

  9. free wordpress theme ! » WordPress Theme – Description great article thank you.

  10. Chuck says:

    Why doesn’t the sliding door thing show up in the header of every page? page.php calls the header, header.php calls the script. Even when page.php is edited to specifically call the script, it doesn’t appear. Of course there are no comments to indicate why this was done this way or how to put the thing in the header of every page.

    Not impressed.

  11. Pet Snakes says:

    Very interesting post, I love finding a good quality blog thats not full of rubbish. I would love to do a link exchange.

  12. sikiş filmi says:

    This theme is simply superb…. Keep going ..

  13. Please advise. I am the administrator for the site and I need help with the slidingdoor theme. I want to change the pictures and import my own photos and captions. What are my necessary steps to make this a somewhat smooth transitions.


  14. laxman says:

    simply say u r wonderful designer but this is not my cup of tea

    becoz this is wordpress theme could u make it for blogger please
    i will get some more visitors by putting ads on my new site that”s commitment and gift to you

  15. Samsun says:

    The sliding door at the top looks awesome. Great theme.

  16. Oh wow. And I thought thumbnails were the way to go. Those sliding images are brilliant!

  17. Ziggy says:

    First of all, i love your sliding door, and would love to use it. Very new at this, is there a demo of the features of the slidind door? Can it be used for photo bloging? Dose it offer audio and video playback. If not is there anyway these can be added

  18. im testing your theme, and im interested on adding more sliding doors. up to 10, if it posible?? can you help me??



  19. admin says:

    Checkout http://mac-host.com/support for how to do that.

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