How to Install WordPress

Installing wordpress is easy. If you’ve been using wordpress for a while you should be able to do it effortlessly.


To get my theme going, you need to upload the Sliding Door theme into your wordpress theme folder, then select the theme from within wordpress like any wordpress theme.

If you have any questions please go to the support forum and chances are someone has already asked it there.

Installing WordPress

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the technology for a small personal blog or you’re the blog of the New York Times (who use it by the way), it’s simple and flexible and customisable.  It is used by lead management sites to help to create great looking, versatile sites that will attract visitors. It can also be used for tourist sites, educational sites or personal blogs. I have 5 or 6 sites I use that have wordpress running them.


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40 Responses to How to Install WordPress

  1. Neil says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Great theme!

    Just one question, I only want two columns so I do delete the third in the code?


    REPLY: This question is answered in the forum.

  2. Abadydrark says:

    It’s amazing

  3. Shayna says:

    I am in the process of changing my personal website to be more aesthetically appealing and would like to use your awesome sliding door theme to do this. However, before I do I need to know please which version of wordpress can I use for your theme? Please let me know.
    Thanks! :) Shayna

  4. Orhan says:

    good theme thak you!

  5. Miss B. says:

    I am a newbie at having my own domain and in installing a wordpress theme. I am not also a tech-savvy person and don’t understand much about the techie stuff in blogging.

    I fell in love with your template the first time I saw it. It actually inspired me to decide to have my own domain.

    When I upload the unzipped files to my theme folder, I was excited to see if it worked but it didn’t. Instead, there is a notice that says: “Broken Theme, The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. The stylesheet is missing.” I am sure I have uploaded the style.css file and followed the instructions in the ReadMe file.

    Please help. Thank you very much.

  6. admin says:

    Hi Shayna,

    DId the wordpress site work before you uploaded this theme, did it work with teh default theme?
    It would help if you posted the address of your webpage, do this at the support site


  7. jay says:

    hi – great theme!

    where can i download the photoshop files for the images directory?

  8. Rhonda Bartlett says:

    Hi Wayne,

    I posted this to the support forum at 8 a.m. this morning.

    I am sorry if this is a dumb css question – but I only need 5 images in the imageMenu header and would like to have it centered. Can you please tell me how to do this?

    The blog is

    I absolutely love this WP theme!


  9. Thanks for sharing, It’s very useful for everyone who interests.

    Ozge Turizm

  10. zaarco says:

    I love this theme

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Mario says:

    wow, the theme amazing, its just i needed. I search in all web the link for the photoshop images, but i found nothing, Could you post the link? Thanks ^^

  12. Gary Port says:

    Very visually impressive design. One question: is there any way to get the sliding doors on the a page? At present the doors only show up on the posts. I use a static page as the entry point. I’d love to use this theme as it so original, and doesn’t scream out like the others I’ve seen “WordPress.”

  13. Charles says:

    I’m trying to transition my webpage to WordPress and i love your theme!

    current theme defaults to 7 catagories… and i’d only need 5.

    i tried to play with the source codes, but images do not stretch out laterally… is there something i’m missing or doing wrong?
    instruction on changing number of categories would be awesome!

  14. Luke says:

    FYI to those who have downloaded this theme recently (maybe a different version) — the URL for the images is actually located at the bottom of the imageMenu.css file rather than in header.php

  15. Penguin says:

    first: very cool theme.
    second: i have a question..if i click on one of the sliding thing like nature or people it says there is nothing to my question is how can i make a new site in wordpress which coems when i click on the slide door nature?

  16. metro kurye says:

    Good article. Thanks.

  17. Jyn says:

    Just wanted to say Good job! Everything has been easy to navigate and find answers to- thank you for that!

  18. Pulia says:

    I added your blog to Google Reader.

  19. Tracy says:

    I activated your theme to see what it was all about, but I can’t get back to admin where I can change it to another theme. How do I get back to my dashboard without wiping everything and starting over with wordpress install?

  20. admin says:

    Go to and you’ll get the admin screen. In otherwords, just add /wp-admin to what’s in your browser.

  21. karen says:

    Just starting a new blog for my upcoming travels. I love your theme! I’m not very tech savvy and I’m having some trouble following the instructions to change the sliding door photos to my own. Crazy question: is there a different way to change the photos for Windows than for Mac?

  22. free wordpress theme ! » How to Install great article thank you.

  23. Jürgen says:

    Hi ,

    I am still trying to upload pics,
    I want to use my own JPEG pics
    something is wrong after I uploaded them,
    It looks like you don´t use JPEG as a format.

    What can be my mistake ?

    Sorry for my bad english, I am german

  24. terry says:

    Brand new to this blogging adventure…LOVE the theme Wayne which I installed ok but am a REAL NOVICE….anyone suggest where I can go to understand how I can change and update ( especially the sliding doors)..Just cannot seem to get the hang of it. I certainly do not understand code (yet) I guess I’m still thinking its an analog, film using world…..Yikes..if you look at my “site” you’ll see I’m a real knucklehead…don’t really know a darn thing but want to learn.


  25. is there anyone out there who would be interested for a modest but fair fee to help me with the website

    please go to the site and see some of the minor issues and if you can address them lets make a deal for tech support

    if none of that is possible please help me towards DIY

  26. Keith Revell says:

    Hi great job for with the information,
    I want to mention the one click installation…
    unfortunately these days there are still some servers / web hosts that do not have the one click installation of wordpress…
    its a shame because it is so simple to install wordpress with either one click or CPanel ( fantasticoDeluxe ) , it takes just a few seconds and you are done.
    I have many Blogs all have the one click installation except one and I always have problems with just that one, any way the point of my rambling is if you do not yet have a web host please choose one with the one click installation, you will not have any problems and its worth its weight in gold.
    if you would like some video tutorials on wordpress click on my name above. thanks Keith

  27. PRISCILLA says:


  28. burrcoffee says:

    wow !! it a good theme i will test

  29. Bülent says:

    Hi, i have a problem with the theme functions.php! i tryed to set the photo gallery for the sliding doors. but now i have syntax error. can you send me the original html tags per e-mail, maybe i can fill the right codes in and can get my homepage back. thx

  30. Thank you for nice article.

  31. Reza lubis says:

    good theme thak you!,I’m trying you theme

  32. Geoff says:

    Found the perfect opportunity for making use of this theme. Will be checking it out, thanks.

  33. Victoria says:

    Hey this theme is cool! I am going to use it for my husband’s site. Thanks!

  34. Omar Belove says:

    This template is extremely cool but I can’t figure out how to change the “Leave a Reply” text. I’m creating a Chinese language site. I searched every .php file in the theme for the words “Leave a Reply” but no luck. . . :(

  35. admin says:

    Post to support forums for a reply!

  36. Brandon V. says:

    LOVE the theme! Professional, clean, fun, and slick! Brandon from Colorado.

  37. OLIVER BRADY says:

    Hi Wayne,
    I downloaded your Sliding Doors theme with WordPress, but I couldn’t really do anything with it, I couldn’t change the slider buttons, there are 7, I only want 5. It’s a beautiful template but I find your instructions very vague. I am not savvy with web creation tecnology but I have created other sites using wordpress and Fantastico de lux. Is there any where that I can get clear instructions on using your template apart from going through hundreds of conversations on your forum in the hope of finding an answer to the many problems I have.
    The first problem that I have, is that I removed the site from wordpress in the hope of starting again, but now when I try to reinstall it I get this message:
    Install WordPress (2/3)

    The installation can not be completed:

    – You chose to install in the main directory of the domain, but there are conflicting filenames, therefore we can not proceed. Following filenames already exist in the main directory of the domain (path=”/home/abrahamc/public_html/”).You must manually remove these files before proceeding with auto-installation:

    Click on the browser’s Back button to fix reported errors.

  38. Thank you so much! Took quite a few hours but I’m so happy with the result. Thanks again for making this theme!

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