Linking Sliders to External and Internal Pages

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Linking Sliders to External and Internal Pages

Postby gsj » Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:04 am


I know that many other people have asked this question already, but I still haven't been able to figure it out. All of the members who posted about linking figured out how to link before their posts were answered. I have zero prior experience with Wordpress blogs and themes. Wayne, could you please give a very easy to understand but detailed enough to avoid confusion, step-by-step process for linking? I just need a "1. Do this. 2. Do this, etc." sort of thing. I think it would be very beneficial for any new users of this theme. :)


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Re: Linking Sliders to External and Internal Pages

Postby blacksah » Wed Dec 28, 2011 9:59 am

What do you mean with sliders. is it sliding door above menu pages? if yes.
this is how to...

1. go to --> Appearance-->menus
2. (+) create menu --> text Menu Name then Save Menu
3. on the left side 'Theme Locations' -->choose 'Sliding Navigation' and in drop down--> select the menu that you created earlier.

*for external Pages*
4. under 'Theme Locations' there is 'Custom links'-->insert link and label then --> add to menu

*for Internal Pages*
5. under 'Custom Links' there is 'Pages' -->just checklist pages that you want --> then Add to menu
6. remember to 'Save menu' before leave the menus page.


1. Make the images using photoshop
You can download the original photo shop file from the theme homepage.
The titles of the images are changed by editing the image in photoshop.
Get any picture, crop it to 320 x 200, then write the text on it, and save it as a jpg.
Try to make the filesize small - in photoshop you do this by 'save for web' and choose medium or low quality - not high.

2. Go to a post and select 'upload image'
3. Select 'use as featured image'. This will set that image to the sliding door for that page.

credit for change the images content: wayne

==Sorry if this is not what you ask== :mrgreen:
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