Compatibility with WordPress Access Control plugin

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Compatibility with WordPress Access Control plugin

Postby windup » Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:34 pm


Slidingdoor looks like a great theme that I would really like to get this working with my site. Unfortunately, it looks to be incompatible with WordPress Access Control plugin. I have this plugin installed because I want to restrict certain pages of the site to registered members. When used with slidingdoors, there are 4 menus listed in Appearance/Menus:

- Primary Navigation
- Sliding Navigation
- Primary Navigation - Members Only
- Sliding Navigation - Members Only

I plan to have Sliding Navigation and Sliding Navigation - Members Only pointing to the same custom menu, with different menus for the Primary Navigations.

When no custom menu's are associated with the sliding navigation, the default menu appears as normal. However, I associate a custom menu, there are no pictures displayed in the menu, though the animations and links still work.

When I disable the Access Control plugin, the pictures display as expected.

I assume that this has something to do with having 4 menus, though I do not know how to go about resolving it. I think I could probably fudge it by rewriting function no_sliding_menu() in functions.php, but would really like to correct this properly. Does anybody have any ideas?
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