Text flow problem with FCK Editor & Sliding Door

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Text flow problem with FCK Editor & Sliding Door

Postby KenZakre » Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:14 am


Just installed Slidingdoors v 2.6.1 with ease on Wordpress v 3.3 and everything was fine until I started to place images into a Page.

The text alignment around the pics wasn't behaving consistently or properly (align pic left text flows above/below the pic) until I uninstalled Dean's FCKEditor For Wordpress v. 3.3.1 and am now using the default editor with the plug ins WP Google Fonts v. 2.6 and Font Family Dropdown to Visual Editor v. 1.

I am new to WP but not that new to think it was something I did wrong. Any suggestions on why this happened? Do plugins act up like this on occasion?

Great theme, really like the look http://diva4quilts.com/


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