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Sliding Door Menus

Postby emoniz » Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:50 pm

I have recently set up the Sliding Door theme and am using it to show my photo images. I read the information on this forum and was able to create a sliding door menu with seven pages that I intend to use for photo galleries. I did this by creating seven images in photoshop for the sliders and assigning them to the featured image on each page of my galleries. Everything works great except that when I add images to the gallery the small menu picture is included because it is on the page. so i have searched the code and have found the li where the default menu lists the target locations to jump to using href's, i would like to edit these href's and add my own destinations rather then the defaults. the problem I can't find the actual file where they are located. I found them using firebug in Firefox but it does not allow me to edit the content permanently. Can someone please tell me which file contains those seven lines of html code?

many thanks

Ed Monz
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