Leave the Slider open for the page you are on?

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Leave the Slider open for the page you are on?

Postby craigm » Mon May 07, 2012 9:29 pm

I would like the slider on the sliding-door menu to stay open while I am visiting that particular page. Like when you hover the mouse over a slider and it opens up to display the full jpg image.

The current default bahavior is for the menu sliders to go back to the closed configuration where all the sliders are closed and of equal width.

Say if I clicked on the "Contact Me" slider and am transfered to the "Contact Me" page I would like the "Contact Me" slider in the menu to stay open to that page. It would give the visitor a better indication where he was and what other menu options are available to him.

I have been playing in the css and php segments of the code but I am at a loss with this one. Any Ideas?

Thanks for your help. Craigm
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