How do I make a slider to redirect to homepage?

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How do I make a slider to redirect to homepage?

Postby fbyl » Mon May 28, 2012 7:10 am

So as the title states, how do I make one of my slider to be redirected to the home page?

I have created a new page calling it home with a slider image which I would like to be redirected to the home page if users are on a sub page. My 2nd problem is now I have 2 "non slider" navigation, I guess it's called "primary navigation," that reads home. One is default that came with the theme that takes me home. The other one is I created which take me to I can't figure it out for it to go to

Thanks in advance.
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Re: How do I make a slider to redirect to homepage?

Postby rocksIt » Sun Jun 17, 2012 4:21 am

There is a great little plugin called "Page Links To" and you can find it by going to your control panel in WP and select plugins and then just type those three words of it's name into the search box and it should come right up.

When I first set mine up, I wanted 5 of my sliders to bring up all the post in a particular category. Since you don't have the option of adding a 'featured image' to a category, this is what I did:

I made 7 pages and added featured images in all of them, but in 5 of them, I also selected the option at the bottom to link those pages to a category (the option will be there after you install the plugin). Below is a screen shot of how simple it is.. (you can have it go to another page (wp or not) on your site like I did, or you can even have it direct somewhere outside of your website.

Just select "An alternate URL" under the 'Point this content' to and then choose whether you want it to open in a new window or not (that option is hidden unless you select the 'an alternate url' choice).
Hope it helps!

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Re: How do I make a slider to redirect to homepage?

Postby Sakecat » Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:42 pm

there was a whole reply to this kinda problem in the getting started section of the website. But to make this work I think that you should do some Google searches on making your home page some thing other than your blog. The order of your pages and some thing with the settings in word press can do this. This is of course if I am assuming correctly and your trying to do what I did with my site I made my home page as a singular page un ordered then made my blog page show up in order as page two.

page two

page 3

etc etc. hope i helped if not sorry to add to your confusion
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