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Theme Versions changelog

Postby wayne » Thu Jul 26, 2012 5:58 am

You can find a description of all the changes to the theme in the 'read me.txt' file that comes with the sliding door theme.

THis is what it was as of July 2012:


v1.0 First Version!
v1.1 Small improvements:
Comments deleted from category.php,
removed ShowRelatedPostsForCurrentPost error" in sidebar
added sidebar entries
added comments to pages
added right and left align tags to css
v1.2 added tag and avatar support
v1.3 added blog title and blog tag line (was hard coded as image)
made the sliding images automatically point to wordpress categories
added intelligent CSS to blog title (see below)
v1.4 fixed small bug that gave an unknown character before page comments
allow multiple images horizontally in post.
v1.5 fixed up some minor CSS formatting issues
v1.6 made the background of the slider the same as the page background (imagemenu.css)
sliding images now appear on every page
moved the date and comments to under the post
removed time from posts
moved footer to bottom of page instead of sidebar.
1.7.1 minor CSS cosmetic tweaks
1.7.2 Better read-me instructions
1.8 Major rewrite of header so headings are generated on the fly.
1.8.1 fixed max image width in posts to be 640px
1.8.2 fixed more than 7 pages bug,
fixed upside-down explorer pictures
fixed validation errors
1.8.3 Fixed page order bug that stopped some pages displaying.
added pagelinksto plugin
1.8.4 Removed pagelinksto plugin and just added warning if it's not there!

2.0 A total re-write for Wordpress 3. Made it white.
2.1 Changed back to black, fixed some formatting bugs.
2.2 Fixed some minor color bugs
2.3 Change footer, update screenshot, fix floated comments not clearing.
2.4 Minor visual changes - spacing, heading color etc.
2.5 Fixed float and clear bugs in #content. max img width to 500px
2.6 Theme now uses 'Featured Images' to upload images
Theme uses a 'Custom menu' called 'Sliding Navigation' for Navigation
Fixed Screenshot size.
Support for custom background added.
2.6.1 Fixed Small Bug to allow child themes to work
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