Help! Sliding Door no longer working with Safari 8.0.4

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Help! Sliding Door no longer working with Safari 8.0.4

Postby loriBear » Thu Mar 19, 2015 4:12 am

Please help. Tonight after doing an automatic update to Safari (to 8.0.4) My website has stopped displaying in that browser. All you get is a "white blank page". (I am using Sliding Door as my theme)

Website shows in both Chrome and Firefox, on an iPhone and iPad. Yet nothing on the updated Safari.

I can just move to managing and viewing my business site on Chrome or Firefox but it's disconcerting to think customers/clients coming to our website using Safari will not be able to get to the site. It will appear that the site is down.

You can view the site at:

Help would be appreciated.

Okay.. now it's suddenly working again. This "blank white page" has been happening off and on for the past several months, usually a restart of Safari will fix the problem, however tonight, that did not help. Is there a know bug causing this?
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