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Wrapper refresh

PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 10:08 pm
by urs
Ok, question. I placed an mp3 player in the 2nd sidebar area on the right of my page ( When I click on any of the sliding doors, it "reloads" the entire page and stops a track that I had started playing in the mp3 player. So in essence, you can't listen to music and surf the site. Is there a way to make only the center "wrapped" area reload when clicking on the sliding doors and leave the sidebars static so the music will continue to play? Another thing I would consider doing is removing the mp3 player from the sidebar and placing a link on my "Artifacts" page to open an mp3 player in a new window. Either solution is acceptable. Any help?

Also, secondary question, you will notice on the left sidebar I have links to my Facebook and Purevolume pages, is there a way to replace the font with a small image? Say like the Facebook logo or something? Thanks.