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having some alignment issues with the latest version...

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2012 2:33 pm
by threedee
Okay, first off, I would like to say that this theme is pretty kick ass!!!

I have been working on a website with my 2 uncles for about 5 months now. When I saw the sliding door theme, I was like, yep, this is the one we will be using.

My intent was to customize the crap out of it. you can check the current work in progress here,

So, here is where the issues are. when you hover over the sliding door, the right side will change is horizontal dimensions, which is fine, but it won't return to the original state. I need it to return or else my design will not look right.

Im not a coder, however my friend is and has been helping me along the way. He has been looking into it and so far has come up short. I figured since Wayne created it, he might know whats up with it.

If anyone has any ideas, Im all eyes and ears.

Thanks a ton

- Mark