Urgent - Question on Theme Location and Menu configuration

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Urgent - Question on Theme Location and Menu configuration

Postby vasan » Thu May 17, 2012 5:01 pm

My Sliding Door Theme is able to take the menus through featured images.
However, the same Sliding Images appear on every page

How do I make different pages have different SlidingThemes

I did see some website which has implemented this feature.

Can someone help

Here is what I am doing

a) I am creating 14 pages and uploading a featured image on each page
b) 7 pages I am calling in "Appearances" , 'Menu" as "Home Menu"
c) another 7 pages I am calling as "Gallery Menu"
d) Both the menus appear in the Admin part of Menu
c) When the theme location is called, I am able to input the themes
d) But all the pages carry the same theme - either the Home Menu Theme or the Gallery Menu Theme

I am breaking my head for last several days. Saw lots of posts
Even in this Forum I saw a few unresolved post of the same nature

I'm new here
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