how to openexternal links in new windo on sliding-door

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how to openexternal links in new windo on sliding-door

Postby Natalia » Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:42 am

Good day! I need help!
I use theme “sliding-door) Up on header have 7 pictures. I want to put there some other links.
Bat the links opened in same window and when I close window I lose my web site.
I know that I mast to put php cod
<base target="_blank">

Bat I don’t know were to put this cod. I was try with different ways bat it was wrong.
Please help me! How the cod must looking ?
This code:
<li class=\"bk0\"><a href=\"\" style=\"background: url('".$theme_url."/imagemenu/images/1.jpg') repeat scroll 0%;\">slidingdoor</a></li>
<li class=\"bk1\"><a href=\"".$blog_url."\" style=\"background: url('".$theme_url."/imagemenu/images/2.jpg') repeat scroll 0%;\">slidingdoor</a></li>
<li class=\"bk2\"><a href=\"".$blog_url."\" style=\"background: url('".$theme_url."/imagemenu/images/3.jpg') repeat scroll 0%;\">slidingdoor</a></li>
<li class=\"bk3\"><a href=\"\" style=\"background: url('".$theme_url."/imagemenu/images/4.jpg') repeat scroll 0%;\">slidingdoor</a></li>
<li class=\"bk4\"><a href=\"\" style=\"background: url('".$theme_url."/imagemenu/images/5.jpg') repeat scroll 0%;\">slidingdoor</a></li>
<li class=\"bk5\"><a href=\"\" style=\"background: url('".$theme_url."/imagemenu/images/6.jpg') repeat scroll 0%;\">slidingdoor</a></li>
<li class=\"bk6\"><a href=\"\" style=\"background: url('".$theme_url."/imagemenu/images/7.jpg') repeat scroll 0%;\">slidingdoor</a></li>
Sorry for my English. Natalia
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