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Postby claudiol » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:11 am

I am using Sliding Door theme and am very happy with it.

In the settings of the theme, each slider-menu-item is identified by an “item-name” and related to a “source-page”. The “featured image” of the source-page of each menu item, is displayed on the web site as item of the slider-menu.
The “item-names” given in the settings to each slider-menu-item are not used by the theme at all; in fact, the name of each menu-item is “embedded” directly in the “featured image” of each page.
Now, I am going to add a second language to my web site and having the problem to translate the slider-menu-item-names because they are “embedded” in the pictures.
How can I fix this? Is it possible to tell the theme to use the names in the settings which can be displayed on the picture of the slider-menu-item?

Thank you for the support.
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