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Pict. Perfect Options Page

Postby ScottJ » Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:35 pm

I installed PP 1.4.1, installed the Pages Link To plugin, created a menu with 7 placeholder Pages and everything is good, so far, but I can't access the options under 'Appearance > Picture Perfect' to make changes to Header Image, etc. The page keeps showing:

"Please make some pages so that the URL's will automatically point to your own pages - you need to maek at least 7 pages (not posts).

The Picture Perfect theme works best with the page-links-to plugin installed so that you can then direct these pages to posts, categories etc. You can install and activate it from the plugin's page. Find out more about this plugin from this page."

I can see the options code for that page in "slider-header.php" but the page will not show me any options. Am I missing something in the installation/activation?
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