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February 2018
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A WordPress version of the Joomla Wheat Template!

Lots of people have been asking if I would convert my Joomla Wheat theme to a WordPress theme.

Well,  I’ve Done it!

I have uploaded two versions one is called ‘ blue wheat’  which is in blue and the other is called ‘joomla’.

You can find them for download at WordPress.org

The menu just below the header can be set up in the Menu part of wordpress, the other links and so on are set up in the widgets section.


Joomla template

This is the homepage for the Joomla Wheat Template.

The Joomla Wheat template looks like this:

You can browse some real sites that use the wheat template here.

You can download the latest version (Version 1.1) of the template for Joomla here:

Joomla Template Files.

You can download the original photoshop artwork for the template here:

Photoshop artwork.

You can see a demo of wheat on a standard Joomla install here.

Best Web hosting for Joomla

If you are after a good reliable host to host your Joomla or WordPress site, I recommend bluehost.com

I have been using them now for six years – they are hosting this site you are reading right now. They have been very helpful, when my website got hacked they were able to revert me back to an old copy they had backed up.

Probably the best feature about bluehost is that they have some software called simple script which installs  Joomla with one click. Makes everything easy.  They are cheap for what they offer too. I’m in Australia and they are in the USA but that’s never been a problem.

Design Award!

The Wheat template has been featured as design of the month for December, 2007 on this German website. They have also chosen it to appear in Joomla for Dummies!